c2man, Version 2 by Graham Stoney (Copyright (c) 1992-2000)

c2man is an automatic documentation tool that extracts comments from C source code to generate functional interface documentation in the same format as sections 2 & 3 of the Unix Programmer's Manual. Acceptable documentation can often be generated from existing code with no modifications.


Read the man page.


  • The latest version (Version 2.0 Patchlevel 42) from the original site ftp.research.canon.com.au:
  • Copies from this site:
    • Version 2.0 Patchlevel 42 (http).
    • Version 2.0 Patchlevel 41:
      I did some bugfix and patches on this version. Some of my patches are included in the newest version. For download and a full description see the patches page.

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